About GPC Series Florence

Join us for a unique and historic event that will take place in Florence on June the 9th, 2017 at the La Pergola Theater.

The Florence Global Pound Conference (GPC) event is part of an international series of events taking place in approximately 40 cities and 31 countries. It is a unique opportunity for legal directors of corporations, lawyers, judges, mediators, arbitrators, academics and influencers to obtain comparable and actionable data about how to improve commercial dispute resolution and access to justice in the 21st Century.  Whether to improve legal spend, management time, business relationships, risk management, brand management or as part of a corporate social responsibility commitment, the Florence GPC event is a unique opportunity for disputes resolution stakeholders to become involved in this historical and ambitious network, as well as to network and meet key thinkers involved in the field.  We hope each of you will be able to attend this event in person, or to forward it to someone else in your organization.

The GPC event is organized through four meeting sessions and discussions groups between 5 Stakeholder Groups involved in commercial disputes.